PaintShip - Draw your ship, then do battle!

Developed by Michael Pratt - Paranoid Studios

Change Log - - Latest Update: August 23, 2009

Developed for the Experimental Gameplay Project, August 2009, Minimal theme. Minimal characteristics: Controls, Music, Graphics. I like to think the only thing not minimal is the gameplay! Click "Help" if you aren't sure what you're doing. Develop your ship, add equipment as you gain levels, and fight bigger baddies. Initial release includes 4 programmed levels, an instructional level, and a survival mode where you last as long as you can. Want more levels? Glad you asked!

I'm currently looking for a job. If you have need for a top-notch Flash, Python, or C++ games developer, please see my contact section to get in touch with me. In the meantime, I plan on releasing a more advanced version of PaintShip when I can. To fund this in my currently jobless state, I'm asking for donations. Help support your independent game developers!

So heres the deal, since I don't plan on giving you nothing for your money. Instead, you can directly help make this game a big success!

Keep in mind that this all means nothing without exposure, so I encourage you to digg the article, become a fan on facebook, and follow the twitter feed. I don't have the resources to break into the world alone, so I'm calling on the Power of the Internet™! This won't be my success alone, everyone can share this. Are you ready to make a donation? Click in the sidebar to donate via PayPal, no shoddy back-alley transactions here. I aim to be pretty legit. Thanks in advance for your support!